Lead gen & Email marketing

I would like to discus the importance of email marketing, Lead gen, without them you are missing out on a whole new world of opportunities. Building a good fan base is very important, provide great content and your of to a good start. I have only just started building  my subscribers and i have already started getting a lot from the tools and resources i am going to provide on this website. I am going to show you a few good free tools that you can use to start building your email list. There will also be how-to’s being added shortly, keep checking out the menu, And watch it grow. I have been in this business for over 7 year’s now, If you take a search on google with the search term ( vex79 ) you will find a lot of my content. I am also known as, But not limited to. Twittoscope Solutions Inc, Vexed Inc, Saint2 Media Inc, All working in their own niche’s.  Here are just a few of the resources i have for email marketing and lead gen. 
Splash pages
capture pages
pre writtion emails
And so much more for free here http://kobihartinc.theultimatesalesfunnel.com
Also my best MLM opp. Here http://website.ws/kobihartinc 
This is a 7 day free tester. So you have nothing to loose. And a lot to gain. I will provide you with so much great resources that you will need to make this work. By joining the best team online you will. Never be left alone ever. I take pride in helping others, because i have been at the position where you just get lost in the big wide sea of information, But then i decided that i need to get on the right path. Even pro’s are very welcome to join.

Another really great email marketing platform is Prosperitycentral

I will be adding all my E-mail marketing resource’s on this page. The service’s i provide are of top quality. And are alway’s checked to see if there also the most widaly used.


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